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There is variety of slot machine games which involves the rotation of reels. One such game is thebig web slot. This game could be played online as well as offline. The offline game involves only three wheels whereas the online game involves five wheels. The offline game has 70 pounds as jackpot and the online game has 500 pounds as maximum jackpot. When this game is played online you can stake 200 pounds and get a jackpot up to 100,000 pounds. This game has three bonuses with one reel. For a player to open one of these bonuses he has to open three bonus symbols on the reel. The first bonus is the multiplier bonus. Once the player reveals the three bonuses you should pick one of the symbols. This symbol will mostly reveal a multiplier bonus. Otherwise you will move on to the other bonus games. The second bonus round is called the asteroids bonus game.  This bonus occurs randomly when you pick the symbols in the bonus game.

Once you get an asteroid you are given a given a chance to select an asteroid behind which there will be a multiplier or a Martian. The player has to reveal a Martian by doing so he will be able to reveal all the asteroids surrounding the Martian. This gives the player a better choice to win the game. The third bonus helps the player to get the jackpot prize which is 500 times more than your playing stake. This third bonus is called the planet bonus. The game could be better understood by watching the videos available online. เกมไพ่ได้เงินจริง  you could find a quite a number of casinos in which you can play online Martian game. You could also play a free game using the demo mode and learn the game. Some websites do give free bonuses to the players once they register with them. The game is much better playing online than playing offline because it gives more money than offline game. To understand the game anyone can play online games through the free online games website and then get into the game seriously. The game is all about chances and hence the player should be clear of the risk involved. Like all other games played in casinos the game involves bet and money but the prize money involved is more than the table games. The online games are computerised so the chance of winning is pure luck.